1. The Biggest Sand Castle EVER

"Hey, Tanya! Let's do something crazy. Let's make the biggest sand castle this beach has ever seen!" Ron said.

2. A Paradise for Pigs

A few years ago Vietnamese potbellied pigs became the craze as exotic pets.

3. He Did It for LOVE

"Wake up, sleepyhead!" Shari shouted. "It's Christmas morning!"

4. A Miracle You Don't Deserve

Velma was arrested for murdering four people.

5. New from the Inside OUT

"Want to have some real fun at work today?" Ryan's mischievous eyes danced like flashing Christmas lights.

6. Ever Been Tempted?

"Grab it," Julian whispered to Cameron. "Take the candy bar while nobody's looking!"

7. Fill 'er Up

A man who drank heavily was converted to Christ and stayed away from alcohol for several weeks.

8. Living to the Limit Lawfully

Did you know it's against the law in Lawrence, Kansas, to walk down the street with bees in your hat?

9. How to Run a Million Miles

Karl won't say his Toyota Corolla is old, but the insurance on it covers fire, theft, and Indian raids.

10. The Aroma of LOVE

Mary went to the party without an invitation. It didn't matter to her that all the self-important guests sneered at her.

11. A Day to Hang Out with Your Friend

"Hey, Josh, want to come to my birthday party next Sunday?"

12. GRAVE Talk

Nobody wanted to be in Youth Church that morning.

13. Here I Come!

It was three o'clock in the morning. The phone rang, awakening Pastor Haffner just enough for him to mumble, "Hello?"

14. Your Favorite Place in the Universe

"My favorite place in the whole world," Paul exclaimed, "is Grandma and Grandpa's ranch!"