Booklet 1
YOU... at your best.

Your Attitude Makeover
1. Look at the INSIDE, not the outside
2. Focus on what YOU do best
3. Focus on OTHERS
4. Realize that GOD loves you no matter what

Focus Check 1

Booklet 2

FAMILY... they're a gift.

The Family Toolbox
1. Love
2. Empathy
3. Patience

Focus Check 2

Booklet 3

FRIENDS... how to make 'em & how to keep 'em.

The Friendship Recipe
1. Be Your Own Best Friend
2. Choose Wisely
3. Trust and Be Trustworthy
4. Forgive or Forget

Focus Check 3

Booklet 4

SCHOOL... you can succeed.

Tools for School
1. Healthy Mind, Healthy Body
2. Focus on the Positive
3. Focus on the BIG Picture
4. Reach Out

Focus Check 4

Booklet 5

GRIEF... dealing with loss.

Good Grief
1. It's OK to cry
2. It's a Roller Coaster
3. Let It Out

Focus Check 5

Booklet 6

GOD... He wants to know you.

1. Let Father, Like Son
2. Read All About It
3. The Other Book
4. Get Involved!

Focus Check 6